Card crawls, part 1: the Great Salt Marsh exploration game

11 December 2018

First the dungeon crawl, next the hex crawl, then came the point crawl. Now card crawls? Here's another tool in a DM's kit for spicing up a game. Read more

Tags: RPGs

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Checklist for setting up a new Laravel app

25 July 2017

As I build more stuff with Laravel, I realise that the process for starting up a new project is more or less the same each time. This post is a summary of the steps that I normally take to kick off a new app. Read more

Tags: Laravel

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A content creator's guide to writing for Wordpress

11 July 2017

Still the number one blogging platform, is a great way to get online for free. But there are a few practical steps that bloggers should take to ensure their content is the highest possible quality. Read more

Tags: Wordpress Content

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DRY resource controllers in Laravel

04 April 2017

Handling basic form submissions in Laravel controllers can be a chore, with repeated code doing similar things over and again. The approach I've been using to get DRY-er code is to abstract out form submissions, making them much less laborious and less prone to error. Read more

Tags: Laravel PHP

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Toggling a form with AJAX and PHP

18 October 2016

I recently had to add a toggling widget to a web page. I didn't want to reload the whole page, but I did want the page to update after the data had been processed. How is this done? Why, AJAX, of course. Read more

Tags: HTML JavaScript PHP

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The submit-update-refresh cycle

04 October 2016

A common pattern in web applications is to submit data, add it to the database, then update the view. In this post, I outline a very simple set of PHP functions to do this, and a couple of tricks to bear in mind. Read more

Tags: PHP

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Shaping up profile pictures

16 August 2016

Rectangles are the default shape for elements on a web page, but since when do web designers stick to defaults? 24 Ways guides the way to using non-standard shapes in our designs. Read more

Tags: CSS Design

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100 days of UI animation

08 August 2016

Inspired by The Great Discontent's 100 day project, I'm spending a hundred days producing small animated UI elements. Send caffeine. Read more

Tags: Animation CSS JavaScript Projects

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Content-aware styles

19 July 2016

24 Ways has been producing web-related content every December since 2005. In this time-sensitive field, how does it distinguish the old content from the new? By subtly changing the colour scheme. In this post, I figure out how to replicate this effect and think about further applications for content-aware styles. Read more

Tags: CSS Design Sass

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