CSS, SVG and base64

21 June 2016

24 Ways uses a cracker of a trick on their homepage to reveal author profile pics when the mouse hovers over an article summary. In this first post on the topic, I'm interested in how they include SVG code in CSS by using base64. Read more

Tags: Animation CSS SVG

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Colour design: green

31 May 2016

Green. What does it mean to you? The great outdoors? Toxic waste? The almighty dollar? In this post, I review some mind-blowing sites whose only link is the use of the colour green. Behold their greenness! Read more

Tags: Design

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Anchors, buttons and inputs

10 May 2016

CSS frameworks, like Bootstrap, often allow you to style anchors, buttons and inputs in the same way. But what's the difference between them, and when should you choose one over the others? Read more

Tags: Bootstrap HTML PHP

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Third-party scripts on Rotten Tomatoes

19 April 2016

Like many high-traffic sites, Rotten Tomatoes downloads a ton of third-party scripts. In this post, I examine 20 of these scripts, and find out what they do, whether they're free, how big and how up-to-date they are, and what dependencies they have. Read more

Tags: JavaScript

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Redesigning my portfolio from the ground up

05 April 2016

Transforming my portfolio into an automated and unified Jekyll site has given me more of an online identity, and drastically speeded up my process for deploying new content. In this post, I discuss my approach to redesigning my site, and some of the problems and solutions I found. Read more

Tags: Projects

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Bootstrap mega menu

29 March 2016

The main navigation on Rotten Tomatoes is a highly tweaked implementation of Bootstrap's dropdown menu. Instead of a simple list of links, its dropdowns contain several columns of links, headings and images. I investigate how this is achieved, as well as what problems it might cause for users. Read more

Tags: Bootstrap HTML JavaScript

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A new website for a new venture

10 March 2016

I worked with a former colleague to create a website for his new business venture, Real World English. Although the project was small, I was keen to do a professional job. The result is a smart-looking, responsive site which makes content the star. Read more

Tags: Work

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The carousel of praise

07 March 2016

Carousels are an easy way to add non-essential content to a website. In the case of CSS Wizardry, it is used for displaying positive feedback from clients. In this post, I look at the HTML, CSS—and the secondary school arithmetic—involved in coding a carousel. Read more

Tags: HTML CSS Animation

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Article and section elements

02 February 2016

Article and section are both semantic elements that give structure to a HTML document, but what is the difference between them, and when should they be nested? Read more

Tags: HTML

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