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Laravel / Wordpress / PHP / Front-End Development / Design


PHP & front-end developer

Hi! I am a freelance, junior-level web developer based in Shropshire, UK. I work with Laravel, Wordpress, vanilla PHP and front-end technologies, and I have experience with small to medium-sized websites, ranging from simple blogs to e-commerce sites. I'm particularly interested in working with people and organisations that actively support the LGBT+ community. I'm currently taking on new projects.

Latest blog posts

A content creator's guide to writing for Wordpress

11 July 2017

Still the number one blogging platform, is a great way to get online for free. But there are a few practical steps that bloggers should take to ensure their content is the highest possible quality. Read more

Tags: Wordpress Content

DRY resource controllers in Laravel

04 April 2017

Handling basic form submissions in Laravel controllers can be a chore, with repeated code doing similar things over and again. The approach I've been using to get DRY-er code is to abstract out form submissions, making them much less laborious and less prone to error. Read more

Tags: Laravel PHP

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