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Web development / Tabletop RPGs

PHP & front-end developer

Hello! I am an amateur web developer based in Shropshire, UK. I love creating digital tools with PHP and Javascript, especially for my number one hobby, tabletop RPGs. I'm also interested in food, LGBT+ history, teaching English as a foreign language, video games, graphic design, and other nerdy stuff.

Latest blog posts

Card crawls, part 1: the Great Salt Marsh exploration game

11 December 2018

First the dungeon crawl, next the hex crawl, then came the point crawl. Now card crawls? Here's another tool in a DM's kit for spicing up a game. Read more

Tags: RPGs

Checklist for setting up a new Laravel app

25 July 2017

As I build more stuff with Laravel, I realise that the process for starting up a new project is more or less the same each time. This post is a summary of the steps that I normally take to kick off a new app. Read more

Tags: Laravel

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