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PHP / Front-End Development / Design


Work write-ups

100 days of UI animation

08 August 2016

Inspired by The Great Discontent's 100 day project, I'm spending a hundred days producing small animated UI elements. Send caffeine. Read more >

Tags: Web design

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Redesigning my portfolio from the ground up

05 April 2016

Transforming my portfolio into an automated and unified Jekyll site has given me more of an online identity, and drastically speeded up my process for deploying new content. In this post, I discuss my approach to redesigning my site, and some of the problems and solutions I found. Read more >

Tags: Web design Web development

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A new website for a new venture

10 March 2016

I worked with a former colleague to create a website for his new business venture, Real World English. Although the project was small, I was keen to do a professional job. The result is a smart-looking, responsive site which makes content the star. Read more >

Tags: Web design Web development

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A simple logo system

26 January 2016

In order to pull its weight, a logo has to be adaptable. Logo systems have build-in flexibility by allowing certain aspects to become variable. In the case of Real World English, it's the colour. Read more >

Tags: Graphic design

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